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I realize rats aren’t the most esteemed creatures of the animal kingdom. The symbolic meaning of rats isn’t a popular topic. But – all of nature has a purpose. This article urges you to consider the rat in a unique way. These creatures are about cleansing, resourcefulness, and opportunity. Rats aren’t bad; they’re just often misunderstood and they have great lessons to share with us.

Rats also carry a message of resources, expanse and excess. This is often a bittersweet message. How so? Well, rats are notorious hoarders. Therefore, when rats come into our consciousness, it might be a sign to take stock. Look around. Are you hoarding? I’m not just talking about piles of magazines and canned goods that expired in 1982. I’m talking about taking a look around the mind and heart too. Rat asks us to look at all forms of hoarding. Hanging onto old thoughts or beliefs that are way outdated, and totally not of any good use? Whether physical, mental or emotional – rats might be a sign to ditch the old stuff that isn’t serving us.

On the flip side, there’s an element of hoarding that might not call for pitch and ditch. I’m talking about preparation and resourcefulness. Rats hoard because they always want to be prepared. Likewise, the symbolic meaning of rats deals with gathering resources to be ready for whatever comes. Got a big meeting or interview? Rats can help us accumulate every fact and figure we could possibly need to be the best prepared for these events. That also means mentally gathering ourselves. Round up all the wonderful aspects of you. Recall all the awesome successes you’ve had in the past too. This is rat-action at its best. Gather what’s good, all statistics, and information. This ensures our preparation when we’re up against a challenge.

Never give up!
Rats are extremely resilient. When they have a purpose in mind, there is not much that thwarts them from getting to their end-game. Whether protecting their family or themselves for survival – you can bet a rat will do whatever it takes to live another day. That’s a big lesson for humans. Sometimes we’ve got to roll up our sleeves, get a little dirty, and dig our heels in to get to our goals.