Discover your gift!

Metal Wire Crafting Class

Wonder how to make a sculpture out of wires? Do It Yourself!

This is a great opportunity to discover the talents buried under your busy life schedules. You will be learning to turn a piece of wire into a 3D sculpture and create something totally different. 

No matter this is the first time for you to use tools and metal wires or you are already a skillful wire artist. We will make sure you learn some new wire twisting skill as well as having lots of fun!

Tools and Materials:

  1. Aluminum wire that has rich colors
  2. Three pliers that are for wire cutting, twisting, holding;
  3. Coiling machine, rods, molds if necessary;

How to sign up a class?

You can register here with your basic info and a cost of booking a seat and wires.

90 mins-150 mins/class and $25-$45/person depends on the project we will be working on.

You can also check out our videos to learn from there!