Peacock 3

Peacock 3

wire art

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Like the phoenix, the alchemy peacock can remind us that we can rise out of our darkest moments. It’s a metaphor that speaks about dying to the ego-self, and being reborn into a new life of awareness, spirituality and illumination. Learn more about symbolic phoenix meanings here.

Of course, the ego isn’t a bad thing, as the peacock clearly indicates. There’s a reason somebody cooked up that phrase, “proud as a peacock”. If you watch a male – they are about as cocky as they come. It’s all about showing off and wooing the ladies.

It takes a lot of brass to attract a bevy of beautiful peahens. This is a symbolic nod to us encouraging us to get some hustle in our bustle.

Peacock reminds us sometimes it’s totally okay to flaunt our stuff and show off our skills. This is particularly true in situations when we want to gain attention for our betterment. Peacock energy can remind us we are amazing, and we should fan out our assets to land the opportunities we are seeking.