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Lobster symbolism deals with the realms of protection, as well as discovery, rejuvenation, transformation and emotional growth. To be sure, lobsters are fascinating animal totems with deep symbolic implications.

When we look at our animal totems and messengers, I’m always encouraging a look at their dominant element (fire, earth, air, water).

Logically, the lobster is governed by the water element. As such, when we contemplate symbolic lobster meaning, we’re also contemplating water symbolism, which represents emotions, feelings, intuition, healing, cleansing, fluidity.

In a sense, because the lobster dwells at the bottom of their watery realms, we could say lobster symbolism is about sinking into our own emotional depths and feeding ourselves from our deepest emotions. Furthermore, those at the greatest depths feel the greatest pressures, and the lobster is a testimony to that.