Lucia Cota

Lucia grew up in a small mountain village in the central European country of Czechoslovakia, now Slovakia.  Lucia was raised in a family where gardening, herb and mushroom picking, baking and organic living were a part of her daily life. She gained a true appreciation for landscaping and for growing large amounts of different flowers from her mother, who was considered the best gardener in town. As a child she cultivated and arranged her own spaces, striving to present herself as a gardener with a vision for color, depth, and layers.  Every Saturday she would pick flowers and arrange them into beautiful bouquets for each room of her family's home.
Her mother also helped her discover and develop her talent for baking, and particularly for the final appearance of her baked goods. Lucia, at 12, was not only able to bake 5-6 different kinds of cookies for Christmas and Easter, without any help, but they looked much prettier than her mother's.
Lucia's artistic skills were also noticed in school, where her paintings and drawings were always chosen to hang in the main hallway.  She also loved to dress up her dolls in her own unique hand-crafted clothing designs. 
Lucia studied business in high school, at the urging of her parents, believing that this kind of school was best for her. Having intense love for children, she went to college to become an elementary school teacher.  During college, she spent two summers working in North Carolina.
After college she moved to the U.S., residing in North Carolina. She has had various places of employment including an Italian restaurant, the USPS, a real estate, and a caregiver for those with Special needs. She has always had a creative side, which she has tried to cultivate in every job and life situation.  Her gardens have been admired by many, with beautiful plants and flowers, meticulously cultivated and arranged.  She loves decorating and creating original works of art.  Lucia's tastes and a knack for home decoration have been applied in her home, as well as, those of friends, family, and colleagues.  She is also an avid painter, creating numerous unique works of art.
Lucia is also an avid world traveler, seeking to explore the beauty of the world's cultures, flora, and fauna. Her appreciation for art grows each time she visits a new destination.  Her travels have taken her to the Americas, Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.
Lucia and Ginger met in 2016 by chance when they were both hired for jobs that were short-lived.  However, a beautiful friendship was created between the two, from different cultures and continents!