Ginger Rogers

Hi, I’m Ginger. Thanks for being here and trying to read about me!

I’ve been obsessed with wire crafting since the first time I saw someone making it, back in 2012, on the street in Northern China, where I grew up. I was so amazed by the details and perfect craftsmanship of the creations handmade by that local crafter. Ever since then, I’ve been trying to learn from all those gifted people who work with wires. Including XINGZHESHIFU from China, who is famous in making dragons and animal sculptures, Ken, who created F4 handmade in Thailand, almost the father of wire sculptures. I asked them questions, I watch their videos, I buy their works and tear them down to learn their designing ideas. Sometimes I pay lots of money just to learn a simple technique they use to speed up the making process. I buy all kinds of tools and various shapes of the rod to help with my creations.

Only until 2017, I opened my own art studio trying to teach and share my passion for this different type of craft to my friends in the States. Then I built this gifted team, we start to design and make things together, we exhibit and demo in craft shows with our unique artworks. We have been really successful thanks to all of our students and customers who have good taste and appreciate our hard work. Without their support, we will not be able to afford the expensive gemstones we’ve been using to make the tree of life, we won’t be able to afford all the tools, wires and rent for the shows and studios.

So, I just want to say thank you to my lovely art lovers and my gifted team. We will keep creating, keep sharing, keep improving. We can do all things if we want to. See you around!

Ginger Rogers